Ashes to Ashes

Ashes to Ashes…

A body of blackness.

Not quite a blanket,

although it seems safe when observed from afar.

With the texture of charred wood,

this tree from ancient forests.

A history untold embers from magical lights.

Floating like oil on water

Calm, still. Not intrusive.

Slowly dissipating.

Disappearing like the Cheshire cat,

I almost didn’t see it go.

Revealing a smooth transition.

From what was once a menace,

To a softer, earthier hue.

Blacks roll into charcoal greys

The color of turmoil –

like the sky before a tornado hits the earth.

Reds and yellows become flesh,

then bone.

Somewhere in these energies

There was once a soul.

Intertwined. Strangled. Offended.

Nothing remains now.

Only a gritty sheen.

…Dust to dust.

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