What would it look like, to get out of sadness?

I actually wrote this in 2009. I was suffering. I recently sold the image I created from this poem, and I wanted to share.

Imagine the revelation of despair. Slowly, surely, each day creeps deeper and deeper into the cold, blank void. Every move, every action, every thought contemplates the worthless plunder.

Walking with the dead, hopes and dreams washed away. Uncomfortable. Floundering, reaching out to those who do not see you. Nor do they care.

Memories reveal hidden pain and suffering, eating at the heart until there is no more. Crushing the soul. Suffocation. An empty shell.

One last idea of dignity reaching out from the depths. One last attempt at remaining earthbound. A shimmering glimpse of hope. A flex of emotional strength.

Loving energy embraces slowly yet steadily, the buried organ. Releasing the undergrowth that has taken its thorny root. Moment after agonizing moment, relinquishing the grief. Nurturing. Listening.

Once treaded water reveals graceful strokes. Nature inspires. Morning reveals its quiet glory. The trees dance again.

The unique, graceful flower, quietly, powerfully, sturdily blooms again.


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