Lost in Love

How do you find comfort in wanting,
possibly wanting what you cannot have?
Or, maybe you can “have” –
although the odds look slim at the moment.

How to carry on with this feeling of want,
seeking hope on a horizon
that may never reveal itself in this lifetime.

Pretend you are ok with it?
The proverbial stiff upper lip?
What if you aren’t?

Talk yourself into picturing a different scene?
Conjure up a different dream?

Is it so horrible to want someone
so enticing, extraordinary, dynamic and bold?
Especially when you see yourself thriving
in their essence, in their glow.

At a mature middle age,
is it still possible to be blinded by love?
(Because we all know that love is blind.)

Or is it?
When all you want is a moment of simple pleasure –
A kiss, an embrace, and an intelligent conversation.

The chance to savour that one special moment,
a fleeting glimpse of what could have been,
before it’s gone forever.

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