Ode to a Flower, Part 1

A sudden burst of color,
An unexpected promise –
Evidence that the Earth is laughing.

Scents and senses awaken
“O my luve’s like a red, red rose”1
Poets yarn pedestals
Sweet melodies praise thee.

Intricate. Simple.
Even the humble bumble bee
worships this temple.

Petal. Leaf. Stem.
Stamen – the mighty male protrusions.
Pistil. Stigma. Ovary.
Arousing female invitations.

Perennial. Biennial.
Bulbs comfortable in earthy dens.
Rain, sun, sleet, and snow,
for there is no schedule
demanding their presence.

Only time,
supportive conditions,
and Love.

1: Robert Burns, “A Red, Red Rose”

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