Spirit Animal

You were waiting for me in my dream. 
I opened the screen door to let the cat out,
and then I saw you.

Standing magnificently
in the field behind my childhood home.
Alert, and masculine.
A 12-point buck, with antlers reaching to the heavens.
You rendered me speechless.

You welcomed me in,
my heart weeping tears of relief and want.
I buried my body into your solid torso,
muscular, yet wielding to my petite frame.

Your luxuriant beard
swallowed my fears,
soft and silky as a pillow.
I surrendered.

I whispered into your ear as you held me
“Welcome Home.”

Embracing, you give me life, you give me love.

I awake,
pledging I will always stand by you, and protect you.
As we move through this world, together.

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