Too much noise

This poem was inspired by several  days  in bed with a virus. Ugh!
I noticed how noisy my surroundings were – on all four sides of my home. Cars, motorcycles, people, dogs. I could not hear the birds, or anything remotely peaceful, and it was astounding how much chaos we create for ourselves.

Cherish the silence
for it is fleeting and elusive
this modern cacophony of life and living

Cherish the peace
experience quietude and Be-ing
soak in the sun
delight in the flirty titmouse and hummingbird
frolicking in nature’s verdant playground

Cherish the message
the butterflies and the bees
Be still, and listen to your heart’s yearning

This is your calling
accept the bid to let go of ego and mind
emotions are quite simple when you listen
Follow your art.

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