Your energy drives me.

The innocence of your youth corrupts me.

One fleeting moment – all the opportunities I have missed.

Because I never knew this existed.

Always rushing to the end.

Time to dwell in the beginnings.

Delight in the new. Accept each moment for what it is.

An exchange.


I am not delusional, or selfish, or lazy.

Nor am I bad, or wrong.

We learn our lessons from each other, and then we move on.


I wonder, though, can we move on together?

I am tired of closing every door, with my usual slam of anger.

Just for once, can it remain ajar?

So that you will remain in my life, my heart?

Without malice or fear?


This act, so unfamiliar to me – will be my life’s true lesson.

Please help me learn it. Please don’t reject me. Because life is what it is – complicated. 

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