A Brief Moment

Finger tips of sun mold the liquid surface
Of turquoise waters as you swim before me.
I am pleasantly startled at this sudden appearance.
(And I think “you are gentle.”)

The tumbling Pacific feeds endangered shores
My head ignites from the heat.
Like a knight with sharp teeth you hold my hand
As I fall sick and wanting into the sea.
(And I think “you are humble.”)

Emotive movements swirl and smooth
Your words caress the stories of long ago.
Pirates and Priests ask hierarchal questions
As you curiously watch me.
(And I think “you are magnificent.”)

Your slick coffee-stained skin shimmers into light
As the waves lift like bed sheets.
I shed my clothes and swim deep into the moment
(And I think “you set my spirit free.”)

A brief moment.

Floating on my back, my toes embrace small pebbles
Ancient mariners disrupting sleepy rainbow dreams.
I shed tears of blessings
as my tiburon gracefully swims away from the shore.

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