Dreaming of the possibilities

Certain of the uncertain, I can feel it in my bones.

Wondering how to be seen; differentiation.

Enlightened by the energy, the force, and the words.

Surprisingly emotional by the common agenda to better this world.

Enamoured by the physical – a slight curl of gray and a cheeky grin.

Linked by the power of music, and the disgust of waste.

Moved by adventure, seeking  blessed solitude.

Sympathetic to the trials that difficult personalities present.

Annoyed by red tape and protocol of appropriate behavior.

Knowing there may be many moments, yet expecting only few.

Despairing of distance; the deep chasm of a sea of many souls.

Enchanted by the notion that past mistakes lead to learned results.

A chance for a meaningful bond long overdue and respectfully deserved.

The courage to throw off this veil of mortar, and take a chance on love once more.

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