Silly Rhyme

This little ditty was inspired by a lady who just rode her bike past my house, with a dog perched on the back, on a box, covered in a blanket. The dog was not IN the box, but on top of it! Where is the camera when I need it?

There once was a lady,
and a chihuahua named Lou.
They were a curious couple,
with nothing better to do.

The lady found a box and blanket,
and some wire and string,
and hooked up a platform,
on which Lou stood like a king.

The throne was secured
to the back of her bike,
and she pedaled through the neighborhood,
to everyone’s dislike.

Lou perched on his soap box
and took in the air,
while the lady cycled oblivious
as the neighbors did stare.

Now here ends the story,
in this Sonoma County town,
what some might view as crazy,
Well, Lou was just clowning around.

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